Property & Equity

Property & Equity is a strategic property advisory group. We structure property investments for our clients in the following areas:

Superannuation (SMSF)

With our ASIC licensed financial services provider Wealthy & Wise, we tailor make residential property investment strategies. SuperGap is the primary method we deploy as an investment strategy. SuperGap is owned exclusively by Property & Equity and is not available anywhere else in Australia.

Gearing Strategies

Property & Equity believes in gearing property in order to optimise investment results for clients. This may include positive gearing, neutral gearing or negative gearing depending up on each client's individual investment requirements.

We tailor make investment property strategy based on your current situation and goals. We offer options and results-based solutions so you can choose if SMSF is the right choice for you in conjunction with our ASIC licensed financial services partner - Wealthy & Wise.

Property Development Investment

Property & Equity provides alternate property investment opportunities for wholesale and sophisticated investors through participation in property development delivering up to 23% per annum on funds invested. For further information and to see if you qualify for now of these limited opportunities click here.

The Directors

Peter H Dixon

Peter has developed a wealth of expertise, having worked with the property, investment, mortgage and financial services industries for over 25 years for private and corporate clients.

Peter has sat on private and public company boards providing advice on property matters, financial structures, investment strategies, capital raising structures including listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Peter has been involved in many property projects in NSW and Australia as an owner/ developer including Horizons Golf Course Resort in Port Stephens whereby he was Managing Director of Horizons Property and coordinated and developed, over 3 years, 40 on course villas, 60 residential apartments, the club house and conference centre, the restaurant and the outdoor recreational area.

Peter is the founder of SuperGap and is currently a director of Property and Equity along with Scott Heathwood. Property and Equity specialises in property and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF).

Scott Heathwood

Scott is the Chairman and Executive Director of Wealthy and Wise a Director of Lifestyle Asset Management Pty Ltd – holds an Australian Financial Services Licence – An Australian Credit Licence – and real estate licenses in NSW and QLD. Wealthy and Wise work in partnership with Property & Equity (P&E) providing financial services to P&E clients.

Scott has been involved in all aspects of the financial services industry as a business owner and director of financial service companies over the past 25 years.

Scott specializes in strategic investment and financial advice in all sectors of the investment spectrum to individual investors and companies specializing in property structures.

Scott has a sound knowledge of the commercial markets. He has 2 university degrees viz Master of Arts (University of NSW) a MBA (Macquarie University).

Scott historically has developed property in Sydney and in QLD and is currently an owner and Joint Venture partner in several current projects.

Scott has advised a number of companies including registered Clubs on their strategic direction and most importantly their tactical marketing plans.

Scott is also a current Director of the Gallipoli Memorial Club in Sydney and a co-founder and Director of Property and Equity with Peter Dixon.

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